Galapagos Islands National Park Rules

The Galapagos Islands are a phenomenal and educational place to visit! Whether you spend your holiday on one of the amazing Galapagos Cruises or on a Galapagos Hotel-based tour, we all need to do our part to help maintain these islands as pristine and special as possible, it´s important to follow the National Galapagos Park Rules:

  1. While visiting the National park, you must be accompanied by a certified National Park guide.
  2. The only things you can “take” from the Galapagos are photos and videos. If you wish to shoot video footage professionally, you must obtain authorization from the National Park.
  3. Respect the boundaries of the marked trails.
  4. Do not approach the Galapagos Animals closer than 2 Meters.
  5. There are specific camp sites within the Park limits. All camping requires permission from the National Park.
  6. Please cooperate with the local authorities at all times in their inspection, control and monitoring.
  7. Do not bring foreign organisms to the islands.
  8. Do not purchase souvenirs made from endangered specimens or natural elements which should not be removed from the islands.

Do not feed the animals at any time.

  1. Do not scratch or mark up any rock faces or trees.
  2. Separate your garbage accordingly and do not litter.
  3. Do not smoke or light fires within the National Park.
  4. Fishing is strictly prohibited unless aboard one of the authorized boats for this purpose.
  5. Motorized water sports are prohibited.

Let´s help to keep the Galapagos as they should be! To see how is doing its part to help out conservation, please read more at


About galapagosexpert

A free lance writer, diver, photographer and citizen of the world, based in the Galapagos Islands.
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