World Tourism Day and the Galapagos

On September 27th, people around the globe celebrated World Tourism Day. This year’s theme is“Tourism Linking Cultures” and is hosted by Egypt.

The celebration is sponsored by the United Nations World TourismOrganization(UNWTO) and this year marks its 31st annual celebration.

Galapagos Islands: Ecuador Loves LifeWorld Tourism Day was first celebrated in 1980; the date September 27th pays homage to the day that the Statutes of UNWTO were approved in 1970.

The celebration dedicates itself to “fostering awareness of Tourism’s social, cultural, political, and economic values.”

Each year the World Tourism Day focuses on a different theme, including youth tourism, travel and transport, global warming, sustainable development, and more global issues.

In the opening address to the public on September 27th, the Minister of Tourism of Egypt, Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, stated that “the importance of this day cannot be underestimated” and continued by asserting that “Tourism has become one of the most important components of nations, economically, socially and culturally, and this needs to be recognized.”

Ecuador: Amazon Monkey Galapagos Islands: Sealion Ecuador Amazon: Guacamayos

The United Nations World Tourism Organization is an agency of the United Nations and is based in Madrid, Spain. It aims to address issues of sustainable and accessible tourism and promotes the implementation of Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, enhancing responsible tourism around the globe.

In Ecuador, the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) works hard to promote sustainable tourism and supports World Tourism Day. The MINTUR slogan for tourism in Ecuador is “Ecuador: Ama La Vida” or “Ecuador: Love Life.”

Contact a trip advisor to find out the role you can play in responsible tourism during your Galapagos travels. Start planning now to see what Ecuador and Galapagos has to contribute to tourism!


Every year, MINTUR gives awards to company and guides in the tourism industry for recognizing “Excellence in Tourism.”

The Ecuadorian government considers tourism to be a key tool in socio-economic development for the country and is one of its booming industries.


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